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'Plug & Play' Central Heating

RADiWARM® Signature

A self-contained central heating system.

If you need permanent heating in a space where plumbing or gas supplies can’t reach, then the RadiWarm® is the best and most efficient solution.

RADiWARM® SafeTouch

Where safety is paramount

Where you may have children or vulnerable adults, the RadiWarm® Safe Touch gives the same quality of heat with a low-temperature cover.

RADiWARM® Economy+

Silica filled for high quality heating

The RadiWarm® Economy+ is a quick and efficient way to heat a room. Filled with high-grade silica, wall-mounted and available in multiple sizes.


Powerful controller options

Two powerful controller options to choose from for all RadiWarm electric radiators.

Watch us in action

Each one of our radiators is manufactured and tested by hand in our purpose built factory

We like to think that we leave a little bit of Yorkshire warmth wherever we go or whenever you find our products.

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