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RadiWarm Pipeless Radiator®

If you need permanent heating in a space where plumbing or a gas supply is not an option, the RadiWarm® is the best and most efficient solution.

Hand-built in the UK, ideal for the whole home but especially for loft-conversions, conservatories, apartments and listed buildings.

RadiWarm® Safe Touch Pipeless Radiator

Where you may have children or vulnerable adults, the RadiWarm® Safe Touch gives the same quality of heat but with a protective low-temperature cover.

Perfect for where safety is paramount including carehomes, nurseries, schools and public buildings – or in your own home

RadiWarm® Smart Controllers

Buy additional controllers for your controller enabled RadiWarm Pipeless Radiator®.

The wireless 7-day remote control unit, timer and thermostat allows you to set advanced programmes for every day of the week, or the Smart Controller lets you control your heating remotely from anywhere in the world.

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