RadiWarm® Conservatory

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RadiWarm® arrives ready for use, filled with specially treated water and fully sealed. They don’t require plumbing, flushing, bleeding or topping-up. This ensures that the patented built-in boiler gives the same heat quality of a gas central heating system, but without the plumbing, pipe work or even a gas supply. Simply wall-mount the radiator onto special safety brackets, plug it into a standard British electrical socket and switch on. It’s as easy as that!

  • 100% efficient
  • Genuinely the best way to heat your conservatory
  • High-quality not-dry heat
  • Fully programmable 7-day remote controller
  • 2 year warranty
  • Smart Heating software maintains required room temperature in eco-saving mode
  • Will also fit under windows within your home
  • Plug and play into any electrical socket, or spur into mains electricity
  • Easy to wall mount supplied with brackets, or take advantage of our installation service
  • Lot 20 efficiency standards compliant
  • Maintenance-free sealed unit
  • Best price - you're buying straight from the manufacturer

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A real water-filled radiator, without the pipes

RadiWarm Pipeless Radiators® combine the heat quality of gas central heating systems with the simplicity of electric heating. Each water-filled radiator looks like a conventional radiator but hides an internal energy-efficient boiler and pump, transforming it into a self-contained heating system.

100% efficient

The RadiWarm® has 100% efficiency.  Once a room reaches the desired temperature, the RadiWarm’s Smart Heating software will switch to eco-saving mode to maintain ambient room temperature – only needing to pull electricity when required.

Installation service and free mainland UK delivery

The RadiWarm® is a true plug and play radiator.  Mount it to your wall, plug it into a nearby standard mains electricity socket and enjoy the heat of a real water-filled radiator.  Or take advantage of our installation service where we will install the RadiWarm® for you.

Two powerful controller options

The RadiWarm Pipeless Radiator® is controlled by a 7-day programmable controller as standard, or upgrade to our smart control system – an advanced control system enabling you to control your heating remotely over the internet from anywhere you have a connection.

Different areas (eg upstairs / downstairs) can be controlled separately using additional thermostats. See all our controllers’ features here.