RadiWarm Pipeless Radiator Safe Touch

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Plus £49.50 for a 7-day controller

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RadiWarm® arrives ready for use, filled with specially treated water and fully sealed. They don’t require plumbing, flushing, bleeding or topping-up. This ensures that the patented built-in boiler gives the same heat quality of a gas central heating system, but without the plumbing, pipe work or even a gas supply. Simply wall-mount the radiator onto special safety brackets, plug it into a standard British electrical socket and switch on. It’s as easy as that!

Where you may have children or vulnerable adults, the RadiWarm® Safe Touch gives the same quality of heat but with a protective low-temperature cover

Hand-built in the UK, perfect for where safety is paramount including carehomes, nurseries, schools and public buildings – or in your own home. The special Safe Touch casing never exceeds 43°C, which removes the risk of burns or scalds without compromising the heat output.

  • 100% efficient
  • High quality not-dry heat with low surface temperature cover
  • Fully programmable 7-day remote controller
  • 2 year warranty
  • Internal smart heating software maintains required room temperature in eco-saving mode
  • Plug and play into any UK electrical socket, or spurs into mains electricity
  • Easy to wall-mount with supplied brackets, or take advantage of our installation service
  • Lot 20 efficiency standards compliant
  • Maintenance free fully sealed unit
  • Best price - you're buying straight from the manufacturer

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A real water-filled radiator, without the pipes

RadiWarm Pipeless Radiators® combine the heat quality of gas central heating systems with the simplicity of electric heating. Each water-filled radiator looks like a conventional radiator but hides an internal energy-efficient boiler and pump, transforming it into a self-contained heating system.

100% efficient

The RadiWarm® has 100% efficiency.  Once a room reaches the desired temperature, the RadiWarm’s Smart Heating software will switch to eco-saving mode to maintain ambient room temperature – only needing to pull electricity when required.

Installation service and free mainland UK delivery

The RadiWarm® is a true plug and play radiator.  Mount it to your wall, plug it into a nearby standard mains electricity socket and enjoy the heat of a real water-filled radiator.  Or take advantage of our installation service where we will install the RadiWarm® for you.

Meet the brains behind the RadiWarm®!

The RadiWarm Pipeless Radiator® is controlled by a 7-day programmable controller. One unit can control several radiators although we recommend different controllers for different zones (eg upstairs / downstairs).

We will automatically add a single controller to your order.  If you already own a controller from a previous order then you can remove it at checkout, or you can add extra controllers to your basket from our controller page.

You can also upgrade to our Smart Controller so that you can control your heating over the Internet from anywhere in the world.  Learn more here.