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RadiWarm® electric radiators are the best and most energy efficient solution to heating your conservatory.  Available in different widths to fit your conservatory space, they are specially sized to suit dwarf walls.  These lower-height models are just as powerful as their full-height counterparts and can also be used under window spaces in other areas of your property.

Being pipeless means that they can be installed quickly and easily without the (costly) need to extend your existing wet-plumbed central heating system.  They also benefit from being maintenance free.

Simply mount the radiator to your wall using the brackets and instructions provided, plug into a standard UK electric socket and switch on.

RADiWARM® Conservatory

Our signature radiator. A self-contained central heating system without the pipes.

100% energy efficient.  A real water-filled radiator run from mains electricity.  Controlled by a powerful remote controller and thermostat.  The lower-height conservatory model is engineered to deliver the same performance as the full-size RadiWarm® but to fit conservatory dwarf walls.

RADiWARM® Conservatory Economy+

Silica filled for high-quality heating

RadiWarm® Economy+ is a quick and efficient way to heat a conservatory. Filled with high-grade silica. The lower-height conservatory model is engineered to deliver the same performance as the full-size Economy+ but to fit conservatory dwarf walls.

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A real water-filled radiator, without the pipes

RadiWarm Pipeless Radiators® combine the heat quality of gas central heating systems with the simplicity of electric heating. Each water-filled radiator looks like a conventional radiator but hides an internal energy-efficient boiler and pump, transforming it into a self-contained heating system.



100% efficient

The RadiWarm® has 100% efficiency.  Once a room reaches the desired temperature, the RadiWarm’s Smart Heating software will switch to eco-saving mode to maintain ambient room temperature – only needing to pull electricity when required.

Smart control

Match your heating to your lifestyle.  Select our wireless 7-day remote control unit to programme your radiator with up to 6 programmes a day, or upgrade to our Smart Controller to manage and control your heating remotely over the internet from anywhere in the world!



The Economy+

The RadiWarm® Economy+ is a quick and efficient way to heat a room. Filled with high-grade silica instead of water and a pump, the Economy+ is wall-mounted and available in multiple sizes.

Where safety is paramount

Where you may have children or vulnerable adults, the RadiWarm® Safe Touch gives the same quality of heat but with a protective low-temperature cover. Perfect for carehomes, nurseries, schools and public buildings – or in your own home. 

The special Safe Touch casing never exceeds 43°C, which removes the risk of burns or scalds  without compromising the heat output.



Conservatory heating

The lower-height RadiWarm® is specially sized to fit conservatory dwarf walls.  If you need to heat your conservatory then there really is no better option on the marketplace.  Will also fit under window space in other areas of your property.