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We’ve been making our Pipeless Radiators to the highest standards for many years, and here are some of the questions we get asked most often.  If you still have a question call us on 01422 231943, email, or use the form at the bottom of the page.

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The RadiWarm is 100% efficient so all the electrical energy that goes into it is converted to heat, making it one of the most efficient heating solutions on the market.

The costs of running any heating system vary significantly based on how well your property is insulated, your electricity tariff and many different factors. However, on average the RadiWarm will heat up a 10m² room from ambient in about 15 minutes, using its self-contained patented boiler system to heat the water inside.  Once a room reaches the desired temperature, the RadiWarm’s Smart Heating software will switch to eco-saving mode to maintain ambient room temperature – only needing to pull electricity approximately 50% of the time it is active.

Our Pipeless Radiators are water-filled and heat your home just like a conventional plumbed central heating system.

Radiators arrive ready to use, filled with specially treated water and fully sealed. They don’t require plumbing, flushing, bleeding or topping-up before, during or after installation.

This ensures that the built-in patented boiler gives the same heat quality of a gas central heating system, but without plumbing, pipe work or even a gas supply.

A Pipeless Radiator can be used anywhere that has a mains electricity supply. This makes it perfect for use throughout your property, including loft conversions, gardens rooms, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, garages and even bathrooms (our radiators are IP44 rated enabling them to be used in bathroom applications provided they are installed in the correct zone – IP44 is applicable to Zone 2).

If you’re looking to heat a conservatory, then there really isn’t a better option and we produce a special half-height version of the RadiWarm specifically for this use.

Many people also use a RadiWarm Pipeless Radiator to heat rooms that are on the ‘end’ of the heating system or may only require additional heat at certain times of the year.

Water-filled radiators heat up quickly and are more controllable than oil-filled versions.

Oil hits a peak then drops rapidly again needing a lot of energy to reheat.  Once a RadiWarm reaches the required room temperature, the Smart Heating software puts the radiator into eco-saving mode, only turning the in-built boiler on when it needs to top up the ambient temperature.

Breathing dry air caused by typical electric heating systems can aggravate respiratory problems such as asthma and sinusitis.

Our unique water-filled Pipeless Radiators provide both convection and radiant heat – which doesn’t dry out the air and provides the same good quality heat as a typical plumbed radiator system.

On average the RadiWarm is also far more energy efficient than other heating systems.

Yes we do!

If you would like us to install the radiator when we deliver it, then we can do so for a nominal additional cost.  We offer a simple installation service that see’s us mount your new radiator on the wall and plug it into a UK standard socket.  NOTE: If you require your radiator ‘spurring’ in then you would need to employ the services of a qualified electrician.

If you want to install it yourself, our Pipeless Radiators are easy to mount to a wall – you don’t need to undertake any plumbing or electrical work; full instructions and brackets are supplied with each Pipeless Radiator and you can watch our installation video here

Yes we deliver free to most areas of the mainland UK. 

For offshore, highlands and remote areas we charge an additional shipping fee (please contact us for details), specifically:

ZE Lerwick/Zetland
KW Kirkwall/Orkney
HS Outer Hebrides – Isle of Lewis etc
GY Guernsey
JE Jersey
IM Isle of Man
PO Part of Postcode Isle of Wight
TR Truro – Part of postcode off shore
EX Exeter – Part of postcode off shore
BT Northern Ireland

Typical delivery times are 7-10 working days from order

None. Our Pipeless Radiators are fully sealed and filled with specially treated water. The radiator doesn’t require plumbing, flushing, bleeding or topping-up.

Our radiators are very quiet. Initially, there may be a slight gurgle when the radiator is installed until the air settles and you may hear a quiet hum when the pump is working, but outside of that they are virtually silent.

Our radiators are IP44 rated enabling them to be used in bathroom applications, provided they are installed in the correct zone. IP44 is applicable to Zone 2.

Pipeless Radiators are available in 11 different widths and 3 different heights to give you the perfect sized Pipeless Radiator for your property (including our low-height models perfect for conservatories).  Use our guide during checkout to buy the right sized RadiWarm for your room or view our size guide here.

Yes, our water-filled radiators work best using Economy 10 or standard tariff, but your energy supplier will be able to help further.

We are proud to make all our RadiWarm Pipeless Radiators by hand in our modern purpose-built manufacturing facility nestled in the hills and valleys of Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Halifax has a strong industrial heritage that we are very proud to continue.

All our Pipeless Radiators are made in white to match the look of a traditional radiator.

All our Pipeless Radiators come with a 2 year guarantee as standard.  Make sure that you complete your registration card online after installation.

In the very unlikely event that you have any problems with the radiator, then contact our office. We will ask you a couple of trouble shooting questions that normally fix 90% of problems. If we can’t resolve the issue over the phone, and your radiator is still under warranty, then we will send you a replacement.

The RadiWarm Safe Touch is the same pipeless radiator but includes a protective low-temperature cover.

From 1st January 2018, all local space heaters manufactured for sale in the EU which use electricity, gas or liquid fuels must comply with a minimum efficiency standard. The aim of this legislation is to remove inefficient technologies and reduce the energy used by the products that heat our homes, helping to achieve our overall carbon reduction targets. See website for more information

Every property is different so the running cost can vary due to a number of factors such as insulation level in the property, current electricity tariff, geographical area, and how the radiators are controlled etc. The radiator is designed to cycle so may only be using electricity for as little as 20% of the time.

Our unique silica sand Thermal Mass Radiators offer a convection and radiant heat, whereas other heaters use convection heating which gives off a dry heat.

Our radiator uses silica sand Thermal Mass cartridges which produces heat when warmed with an element.

Every room is different, we can make heat loss calculations and advise which radiator is suitable for the room, or use the size guide on our website.

Of course, our radiators are light weight! Full instructions are supplied with each radiator. All you need is a spirit level, pencil, drill bit and drill – fix the brackets to the wall with the fixings supplied, hang the radiator on the brackets according to the instructions, then plug in to a near by socket.

Yes, our radiators work best using Economy 10 or standard tariff but your energy supplier will be able to help further. Our radiator is much more efficient than storage heaters.

In the very unlikely event that you have any problems with the radiator, then contact our office. We will ask you a couple of troubleshooting questions. If we can’t resolve the issue over the phone, and your radiator is still under warranty, then we will send you a replacement which can be plugged in straight away.

Our radiators aren’t IP rated, therefore they are not allowed in any zoned area where there is a direct water source.

Initially there may be a slight noise. Thereafter the radiator should be silent.

As our radiators give a convected and radiant heat, the air quality is maintained and not dry like other heater types, resulting in a better, healthier environment.

Our radiators are maintenance free. The radiators are supplied as a fully sealed unit – just mount, plug in to an electrical point and they heat up within minutes.

We do not offer an installation service for our Economy+ models, but our radiators are easy to mount to a wall. Full instructions and brackets are supplied with each radiator.

They are hand built in the UK. Our factory is in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

The Economy+ is currently only available in white.

Loft conversions, garden rooms, living rooms, offices, bedrooms, garages – in fact anywhere you need.

Our radiators are currently available in 2 different heights and 6 different widths, all dependent on your heat requirements.

We don’t currently offer solar or battery power but we are looking at developing this in the future.

It’s just a matter of fixing the brackets to the wall and mounting the radiator, so it could be up and running in as little as 15 minutes.

No, the Economy+ model is controlled via the inbuilt control panel.

2 years on the electrics/electronic components.

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