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Where you may have children or vulnerable adults, the RadiWarm® Safe Touch gives the same quality of heat but with a protective low-temperature casing. Hand-built in the UK, perfect for where safety is paramount including care homes, nurseries, schools and public buildings – or in your own home. The special Safe Touch casing never exceeds 43°C, which removes the risk of burns or scalds without compromising the heat output.

Available in different sizes to fit different spaces, the RadiWarm® is maintenance free and easy to install.  Simply mount the radiator to your wall using the brackets and instructions provided, plug into a standard UK electric socket and switch on.

RADiWARM® SafeTouch


Where safety is paramount

Controlled by a powerful 7-day remote thermostat and programmable timer, or upgrade to a smart control system that you can control remotely over the Internet.

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